Doctor,will you fix my broken heart?

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot! The world forgetting by the world forgot Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind! each prayer accepted,and each prayer resigned. (Alexander Pope,Eloisato Abelard,quoted byMary in EternalSunshine) Just imagine.Oneday you go to meet your lover at her workplace to sort things out after the clash between two of you last... Continue Reading →

Nolans Doodlebug

Doodlebug is among the third short film written,shot and directed by Christopher Nolan at his earlier years of filmmaking. Starring Jeremy Theobald who went on to act again in Nolans first debut feature film “following”,doodlebug contains one element i.e Droste, we would find recurring in his later works including Memento,Inception and Interstellar. Plot Throughout the... Continue Reading →

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